New UNSILO Showcase launched


We are pleased to announce the launch of our live Showcase at

Using a corpus of over one million articles from Medline, the showcase provides a tool by which users can try out three of UNSILO’s relatedness features with real content: Recommender (showing related concepts), Smart Search (providing auto-complete of searches) and Evidence (enabling users to find concepts within the articles they have found).

Mads Villadsen, VP of Development at UNSILO, commented: “This showcase is the result of several person-years of development from the team of computational linguists and natural-language specialists at UNSILO. But now that work is complete, the actual indexing of content is entirely automated. We are sufficiently confident in the core UNSILO engine for us to show the results from published academic articles for anyone to see. The related concepts you see on the Showcase site are generated entirely automatically, without manual intervention in configuring or editing the extracted concepts. This has all been achieved without teams of subject-specialists laboriously indexing article content by hand.”

I asked Anne Siig Blond, Senior UX Designer, how the clear screen design and simple navigation had been achieved. “We have benefitted greatly from being able to draw on the extensive user testing from our live sites, such as the UNSILO relatedness tools at Springer Link, which gives us a solid quantity of statistical user data to base design decisions upon. Now, we invite potential users to try our products out live in the Showcase. The idea is to show, don’t tell; users only really respond to functionality when they can use it for themselves. The purpose is to share our work and enable users to get a better understanding of what UNSILO does.”

Try it live

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