UNSILO releases first version of UNSILO Classify

UNSILO is very proud to announce the release of the first version of a completely new product called UNSILO Classify, for semi-automatic subject classification of large volumes of natural language content. The system is based on UNSILO’s highly successful technology for content enrichment, based on artificial intelligence and advanced natural language processing, and combines the strengths of humans and machines through human augmentation of automatic subject classification of content.

This new product is designed for  content specialists, business managers and content strategists who struggle in businesses dominated by large amounts of content that need to be classified into themes, subject indexes or subscription-based topics. The first customer for this new product is Karger Publishers, based in Basel, Switzerland (see press release), and several other publishers and content owners have also expressed a high degree of interest in the new product.

The system has a mature graphical user interface, and is operated by defining  subject areas,  either using a “golden set” of articles or by manually adding concepts, which the machine uses to determine which articles will be recommended for each topic. By means of a simple but effective set of sliders, the user can then adjust the level of auto-approved and rejected articles in each topic, and also assign some articles for manual inspection to determine approval or rejection. A full evaluation of the system in operation is still proceeding, but indications suggest that the new tool will reduce manual input by over 50%.

By enabling this unique solution, UNSILO helps eliminate serious bottlenecks caused by the need for human curation when trying to determine the correct content for topics. This manual labour takes away valuable time from content owners, who can now spend their time more effectively on serving their customer base with their value adding products.

Learn more about UNSILO Classify: https://unsilo.ai/unsilo-classify/

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