UNSILO at the SciGraph Hack Day

Two of the UNSILO team will be participating in the Springer Nature SciGraph Hack Day in London, Friday 23 June. Manuel Ciosici and Ludvig Renbo Olsen will be building a new software tool during the one-day event. I asked Manuel, machine-learning specialist at UNSILO, what led him to take part in the workshop.

I’ve been to hackathons before, and they can be very stimulating, if tiring! You have six hours only to develop a solution, and to be honest, that is a real challenge. It’s important to pick a topic that can be completed in the time available, or even to have prepared something in advance so you have a ready-formed idea. If something else comes along that is better, so be it, but this way you have a theme ready to start developing. We are travelling the day before so we are ready to start at 9 o’clock. Of course, part of the enjoyment of a hackathon is the conversation you have with others, and sharing what you have done with the other participants is something we are looking forward to. Longer-term,  we hope to use the knowledge we gain there (including the conversations with the other participants) to jump-start new products.


How much do you know about SciGraph?

Well, UNSILO has been working with Springer for some years now, and we power a component of the SciGraph platform. Nonetheless, we don’t claim to know everything about this fascinating platform. An event such as this makes it clear just how easy it is for participants, but also for everyone observing, just how much is possible using this very open platform. At UNSILO, we have followed lean development principles ever since the company was founded, and we follow the principle of rapid build, being prepared to start again if necessary, and trying out ideas in real situations as fast as possible. I’m sure this has contributed to the success of UNSILO, and I believe this is what gives us our advantage in the market. But at the same time as building solutions, we also have several longer-term research projects – some of them with Springer – and I enjoy working in a company that can combine short-term and long-term targets.


Will we be able to see what you have built?

I hope so – that’s the point of the exercise!

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