OECD releases SDG Pathfinder


At this year’s OECD Forum (Paris, May 2019) the OECD Public Affairs and Communications team released a beta version of the SDG Pathfinder tool (https://sdg-pathfinder.org/#/). Using UNSILO technology, the Pathfinder combines machine learning and human curation to identify policy documents and data published by the OECD and its partner IGOs (United Nations, World Trade Organization, Commonwealth Publications, Nordic Co-operation, International Telecommunication Union) that correspond with one or more of the seventeen UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In addition, there are two cross-cutting views that show connections across the SDGs.

Users can select any one of the 17 SDGs, which opens another screen displaying around 40 topics that define that SDG. For example, SDG 5, Gender Equality, includes the topics “access to technology” and “gender stereotypes”, as well as less expected topics such as “women entrepreneurs” and “unpaid care work”. By clicking on “analysis”, each of the topics is linked to one or more documents from the six iLibrary collections. Alternatively, clicking on “data” takes the user to a topic which has data attached to it:

In this way, the Pathfinder becomes a fully annotated thematic index of all available IGO content, both text and data, that is published on the iLibrary platform.


In addition, the SDG Map displays connections across the SDGs pooling from a larger array of between 200 and 400 concepts per SDG, so that users can browse around topics with their mouse and click on them to access data and analysis to view, read and add to a reader’s list.

Commented Janine Treves, Digital Managing Editor at OECD: “The tool is particularly valuable because it pools information across six IGOs, such as the United Nations itself and the World Trade Organisation. This means that when a user searches with this tool, they are searching across multiplel IGO collections, broadening their knowledge of the SDGs and enabling their implementation.

“Following the launch, we will take on board feedback from early users, leading up to a full release in September. Indexing over 100 000 documents by hand would have been prohibitively time consuming and expensive; we couldn’t have done the Pathfinder without UNSILO.”

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