Jens Fogh, UNSILO Developer

Jens Fogh has been with UNSILO for around a year. He talked about working with UNSILO. 
I work in the development team, implementing solutions and making use of the machine learning tools from our concept extraction engine. Typically, the product owners have ideas, then we have a planning meeting with people from the service layer to discuss how to build something. Our team will build something, and then we come back to the product owner to see if it fits the bill. We have two teams in the service layer, one for UNSILO Classify, and my team for manuscript evaluation tools such as the Reviewer Finder. 

How does UNSILO compare with your last job?
Before UNSILO I worked with Better Students, a Danish company building study guides for Denmark, Norway, and a couple of other countries. They had a more mature product, and so the code was quite settled. But in both companies there was a lot of freedom to develop – we were releasing code multiple times a week if we wanted. 

You spent some months in San Diego while you were a student?Yes, I chose to spend six months at the University of California, San Diego while I was an undergraduate. The level of the students was similar to that of Aarhus.  I enjoyed the weather, but it was a very different atmosphere – the streets are so wide! Here in Aarhus it is more cozy. 

Do you enjoy working with machine learning?I don’t build the machine learning tools directly. The ML team delivers their stuff using Elastic, and I make use of it. But I did some work at the university as part of my degree – we made some neural networks to categorize content into related clusters, such as medical or car-related. In my view, Machine Learning was big 20-30 years ago but today we are still struggling to find out how best to use it. I don’t believe what the media claim for machine learning – they have very unlikely predictions – but the next ten years will be very exciting for this technology. 

How did you find out about UNSILO?

I heard Mads Rydahl giving a talk about UNSILO at a conference in Copenhagen, and a few months later my brother started working with UNSILO. I talked with him, and I was interested by the machine learning aspect.

Do you like working with smaller companies?
Yes. My last job was at a similar scale, with a team of about 30. I prefer working with small companies – it’s not such a long way to the decision takers, and you move faster. A big company is like a supertanker – very slow to change direction. 

Many thanks, Jens. 

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