EMBO Press pilots UNSILO Reviewer Finder tool

Following an initial trial of the UNSILO Reviewer Finder, EMBO Press has signed a deal to pilot the use of the AI-based Reviewer Finder tool to assist editors with augmenting its in-house database of reviewers. 

Commented Thomas Lemberger, Deputy Head, Scientific Publications at EMBO Press (and who has himself co-authored papers on text mining in the biomedical space), “We trialled the Reviewer Finder and found it often identified names from our internal database of reviewers, so we felt the automatic tool was delivering results along the right lines. Better still, the Reviewer Finder suggested some fresh names who matched the profile of the submitted manuscript, but whom we had not contacted previously. In this way, and after careful verification, we can supplement our reviewer list with some fresh names. During the coming months we plan to evaluate more closely some of the other AI-based evaluation tools provided by UNSILO to facilitate our workflow.” 

EMBO Press is the scientific publishing arm of EMBO, a science organization fostering excellence in the life sciences, founded in 1963. EMBO offices are based in Heidelberg, Germany. EMBO Press publishes five journals, covering important advances in the life sciences from around the globe, ranging from cell and molecular biology to systems biology and molecular medicine. It also runs Review Commons, a journal-independent peer review platform integrated to preprint servers. But scientific publishing is only one part of EMBO’s activities. 1,800 researchers in life sciences in Europe and beyond are EMBO Members. EMBO provides funding and support to post-doctoral researchers and early-stage principle investigators, to courses and workshops for scientists, not only within Europe, but also in India, Chile, Singapore, and Taiwan, among other activities. 

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