About us

We have a vision to unsilo human knowledge


Having led software development teams in Silicon Valley for several years, most recently as Head of Product Design at Siri.com (acquired by Apple), Mads Rydahl returned to his hometown of Aarhus, Denmark in 2010. There, he met Thomas Laursen who was involved in a biomimetic startup to commercialize a revolutionary spray technology inspired by the defense system of the bombardier beetle.

Determined to make it easier for researchers and innovators to find analogous concepts and novel ideas from different industries and fields, they teamed up to form UNSILO. The company has received funding under the Danish Innovation Act in 2012, from Scale Capital in 2013 and most recently from Infosys in 2016.

In 2019, Cactus Communications, a global scientific communications company, acquired UNSILO and entered the AI and deep learning space. Today, UNSILO’s tech specialists collaborate with CACTUS’s innovation and R&D cell, Cactus Labs, to develop innovative products for publishers and business and tech solutions for stakeholders in academia and the life sciences.

Meet the Leadership Team

Our team members have authored a dozen search-related patents, architected major e-commerce sites, pioneered open source security systems, and managed product development teams in Silicon Valley.

Nishchay Shah

Chief Technology Officer
Head of Cactus Labs

Nikesh Gosalia

Senior Vice President
Global Academic & Publisher Relation

Mads Rydahl

Vice President, Products

Thomas Laursen

Vice President, Revenue & Operations

Michael Upshall

Head of Sales & Business Development