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We are a passionate team of digitale specialists who help scientific publishers build the future of publishing using AI technology.

Connecting your content in new ways

The ever increasing number of publications has outgrown human curation capacity. What once seemed a feasible task now feels overwhelming. UNSILO helps publishers understand and promote their content using the newest text intelligence tools. Machine learning is the core technology of UNSILO, and our technology automatically identifies concepts in articles such as diseases, methods, species, chemicals, persons, and organizations, to help you reach business goals faster.

Take publishing to the next level

Imagine a world where Artificial Intelligence technology supports business developers, editors and researchers in making use of scientific content in new ways. This is the world of UNSILO. Our solutions support publishers throughout the entire publishing life cycle – from submission of new manuscripts to publishing and making articles available for discovery.


We use build software to:

Create new business opportunities based on your existing content


Increase revenue with improved discoverability of your content

Automate tedious tasks and reduce time spent on manual labour

Case studies

We work with the world’s largest as well as the most specialized scientific publishers.

Learn more about how UNSILO helped one of the world’s largest scientific publishers, Springer Nature, enhance their collection of Nano research using novel features.

See how UNSILO helped Karger, a medical and scientific publishing company, by creating UNSILO Classify for building subject collections for their customers within the medical industry.

Work with us

A partnership with us usually follows the four steps below, but every partnership is tailored to your specific needs.


We uncover your needs and objectives in meetings or during a kickoff workshop.


After uncovering your needs, we create a prototype of the solution and involve you for feedback.


Once the prototype has been validated, we start developing the solution.


We hand over the solution to you and tweak it to ensure it meets your expectations.

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