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Benefits of UNSILO Technical Checks

Accelerate your manuscript processing

Release time for other high-value editorial and author work

Reduce the effort spent on unnecessary or duplicated tasks


of manuscripts are technically checked by editorial offices before manuscripts are sent to editors


of manuscripts are manually double-checked for form–provided information


of manuscripts are checked two or three times before acceptance


of manuscripts are returned to authors upon initial submission due to issues surfaced during the first technical checks.

Technical Checks

For a limited period, you now have access to the complete selection of Technical Checks.
The full range of standard checks is shown below.

Category Name Short Description
Disclosures Conflict of interest  (COI) Checks if COI statements are included
Ethics statement Checks if ethics statements are included
Funding statement Checks if funding statements are included
Data access statement Checks if data access/ availability statements are included
Metadata Author Keywords Checks if author-provided keywords are included
Corresponding author’s email address Checks if the email address of the corresponding author is included
Contributing authors Lists the contributing authors found in the manuscript
Formats References Included (and count) Checks that a reference section is included and counts the references
Self citations Checks if number of self citations is above acceptable limits
Reference age distribution Gives an overview of the age distribution of references in intervals of 5 years
Old references Checks if the number of old 10 citations (10 years old) is below an acceptable limit
References citations Checks if reference list items are cited within the manuscript — currently limited to citation sequence/ Vancouver style references
Structured abstract Checks if the abstract is structured, and if so, lists the sub-headers
Manuscript Structure Checks if the manuscript follows the IMRAD model
Language Inappropriate language Checks for inappropriate language (sexism, racism)
Tables/Figures/Packaging Table legends Checks if table legends are included and appear consecutively
Manuscript file citations Lists citations to figures, tables, and supplemental materials, which can be checked against the submitted file package
Figure and table citations Check if figures and tables with legends are cited within the manuscript
Counters Word count Checks if word count is included, and if not, the words are counted
Abstract Checks if an abstract is included, if it exceeds 250 words and by how many words
Title length Checks if title exists and counts and lists the number of words and characters in the title
Section lengths Checks if section headers are included and lists word counts per section
Other / Misc Clinical trial Detects if manuscript is a clinical trial and if confirmed then checks if clinical trial IDs are included by recognition of IDs from 21 registries
Meta-analysis Checks that a “meta-analysis” sub-header is not present in the manuscript
Excessive use of branding Checks for excessive use of branding in the manuscript (® and ™ symbols)
Plain language summary Checks if a “plain language summary” is included
Author contributions Checks if “author contribution” statements are included
Copyrighted methods Checks if certain copyrighted methods are included
Citations in abstract Checks if citations appear in the abstract
Abbreviations and definitions Checks if abbreviations and definitions are included and lists them

Where To Find Technical Checks in ScholarOne

Watch this small tutorial video to see where to enable UNSILO Technical Checks in ScholarOne:

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