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UNSILO Outperforms Google

In comparison to similar technologies from Google, IBM and Microsoft, UNSILO outperforms those in terms of returning more precise concepts and much less noise. More information can be found in our white paper “Comparing UNSILO concept extraction to leading NLP cloud solutions”

Evaluating Concept Extraction

One of the first questions we are asked by new clients is how to evaluate the services provided by UNSILO. This is a sensible question, since there is little reliable guidance available on the Web on how to evaluate text analytics. This paper lists some possible approaches and their strengths and weaknesses.

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Learning about #ArtificialIntelligence tools for editorial office workflows. @manuscript demos @Writefullapp, Neil Blair Christensen shares the latest w/ @unsiloproduct, & @JoshJDahl from @clarivate with journals' experiences integrating & developing #AI tools. #ISMTEGlobal

.@OECD wins #sustainability award for its SDG Pathfinder site, which is powered by @unsiloproduct, a CACTUS solution.

Learn more here: http://ow.ly/18ti50AS4iv

#technology #innovation #artificialintelligence #SDG #conceptextraction

Hooray! @OECD wins the University Press Redux Sustainability Award for its UNSILO-powered Sustainable Development Goals Pathfinder site! Learn more about how this valuable initiative works: https://unsilo.ai/2020/07/31/oecd-wins-award-for-unsilo-powered-sdg-pathfinder-site/
#AI #Scholcomm #SDGs

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