Springer Nature has given a major content expansion to nano nature, [http://nano.nature.com/] a research solution, adding a number of novel features powered by UNSILO, an artificial intelligence start-up based in Denmark.

Nano offers the most up-to-date information on nanotechnology and advanced search capabilities across a comprehensive collection of nanotechnology related research papers from high-impact journals and patents.

It will leverage UNSILO’s intelligent language processing, providing a unique collection of dedicated nanoscience data and deep linking to the most relevant papers for further research.

Launched on June 15, 2016, Nano is part of the Nature Research portfolio of high-quality products and services for researchers. This enhanced version of Nano combines the key features of a database and an abstracting and indexing discovery tool.

It first provided over 2,000 manually-curated summaries of nanomaterials, containing information on properties, synthesis and applications, increasing to 250,000 today. The new automated functionality will index data from over 400,000 nano-related research papers from around the world, making a vast amount of new data available to users. Trials are available today.

The new features of Nano are the result Springer Nature and UNSILO’s ongoing partnership, which aims to build tools for researchers based on the most advanced artificial intelligence capabilities available today. The novel features of Nano are powered by UNSILO’s Text Intelligence, a suite of machine learning tools that UNSILO has developed and trained on the entire Springer Nature collection of research papers.

Developed to meet the evolving needs of nanotechnology researchers in a variety of environments, partnerships with leading technology providers remain at the heart of Nano’s evolution as a product. Thomas Mager, Executive Vice President at Springer Nature, said: “We have worked closely with academia and industry throughout Nano’s development. Partnering with the AI team at UNSILO has enabled us to significantly scale-up the breadth of content available to Nano users – their technology will allow us to automatically index data from leading journals, across all publishers, which should be of great value to researchers.”

Thomas Laursen, Chief Executive Officer at UNSILO, said: “Over the past three years, we have been working closely with scientists and subject matter experts from a range of disciplines to build new and robust AI powered services for researchers. These new tools have the promise to dramatically speed up the pace at which research is disseminated and applied, but they must meet the quality standards that researchers have come to expect from any Nature Research product. Today, we are proud to announce our involvement with a product that satisfies both these requirements.”

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UNSILO, based in Aarhus, Denmark, is an artificial intelligence software company that develops advanced tools for text understanding and processing. UNSILO tools can deliver dramatic workflow improvements by reducing processing time while simultaneously increasing quality. The UNSILO Document Enrichment service forms the basis of over 20 separate functional modules for publishers, including identifying trending topics as they emerge; improving the quality of document abstracts; and locating related research or experts. UNSILO works with world-leading content owners in science, legal and corporate R&D to improve discoverability across their platforms. Visit www.unsilo.ai for more information.

March 7, 2017
Springer Nature has given a major content expansion to nano nature, [http://nano.nature.com/] a research solution, adding a number of novel features powered by UNSILO, an artificial intelligence start-up based in […]