Increase business opportunities with existing content

UNSILO Classify is a software solution for publishers to leverage their content in new ways by building content packages from their existing corpus.

Content growth has outpaced human capacity

Simply publishing leads to devaluation. Publishers need to generate greater value from what they have already. Increased licensing fees, reducing costs, and publishing more content are unlikely to provide sustainable growth. With the ever increasing amount of content, human capacity can no longer keep up to speed. UNSILO Classify solves this problem.

Increase content sales with UNSILO Classify

UNSILO Classify offers intuitive machine learning for publishers and their customers to cluster content for precise package sales. Maximize monetization and utilization of granular journal and book content.

Create packages on the fly and support customers instantly

Save time with automation and update packages continuously

Get access to all your content in one application

Easy user interface that requires no training

Create new revenue for existing content

√  Packages tailored to customer needs
√  Packages for marketing events
√  Packages for conferences
√  Themed packages
√  Sponsored packages

What UNSILO Classify customers are saying

Quote 1 "UNSILO Classify has made it possible for our customers to request accurate content collections at affordable prices." Sales Manager, academic publisher Quote 2 "UNSILO Classify makes it possible to for us to create high quality topic article packages with higher confidence" Business Development Director, academic publisher Quote 3 "UNSILO Classify makes it easier to create content packages for niche markets" Content Management Director, academic publisher

Get started with UNSILO Classify

Try this new combination of human and machine skills to slice and dice content.
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