Improve your manuscript evaluation process with AI

UNSILO Manuscript Evaluation supports experts with machine intelligence to scale human capacity for manuscript preparation; scale content screening, and reduce time to publication. Work smarter with AI!

Scale your capacities to evaluate manuscripts

The dramatic growth in research output will challenge the traditional peer review models unless we augment and strengthen our screening capabilities.

As a result, UNSILO has launched Manuscript Evaluation, an emerging set of tools that use advanced machine intelligence and natural-language understanding to help authors, editors, reviewers, and publishers carry out manuscript submission and evaluation. We are building and refining the feature set with our pilot partners over the coming months.

Contact us for more information, or if you are interested in a pilot partnership.

Improve your manuscript evaluation with rich tools custom-tailored for your workflow

UNSILO Manuscript Evaluation accelerates and improves the submission and evaluation process, combining real-time natural-language processing with sophisticated artificial intelligence. This new approach to submission supports human evaluation, reduces time to publication, and enables the screening of content, both pre- and post-submission, to be scaled significantly.

Some early pilot features include widgets such as:

Technical Checks

Match the manuscript to a range of technical constraints like disclosure and ethics statements. The AI will give proper warnings when constraints are not met.

Key Statements

Let AI help you look at each manuscript to assess which sentences in the manuscript resemble assertions or key findings.

Related Papers

Our sophisticated reference analysis automatically scans the wider literature against each submitted manuscript to spot outdated, missing, or seminal references.

Journal Match

Use industry-leading NLP to instantly match incoming manuscripts with journals, and understand why a manuscript would be a good match for a specific journal. Automatically match manuscripts with appropriate editors and peer reviewers

Reviewer Finder

Let the AI help you with one of the most time-consuming tasks in the submission process, which is to determine good suggestions for peer reviewers.

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