UNSILO Recommend

Increase retention rate, click-rates and engagement on your website by providing relevant content recommendations, whether articles, books, or chapters, using UNSILO’s semantic understanding of academic content.

T&F Use the Related API from UNSILO Recommend to provide accurate recommendations for all your article and book content, even when related terms are not syntactically similar, for example “laryngitis”, “throat infection”. T&F Unlike other tools in the market, UNSILO Recommend uses only semantic concepts, not usage data, to identify related content, with demonstrably better results for quality of links. Cambridge Use the Metadata API from UNSILO Recommend for dynamic web pages, augmenting user selections with additional content, for example journal data or other topic metadata.

Higher click rates

UNSILO Recommend has a proven track record of producing higher click rates and increased user engagement than comparable solutions, due to a unique use of advanced natural language understanding and underlying artificial intelligence that produces a unique semantic understanding of each academic title in your academic article or book corpus.

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